When We Say It’s the Biggest & Best Thing to Happen to Chesapeake Bay Oysters … We’re Not Shucking …Or Jiving

Now Providing A Better Tasting, Longer Lasting, Easier Way to Enjoy Pristine Chesapeake Bay Oysters

HPP of Virginia, Virginia’s only seafood processor taking advantage of high pressure processing, is now providing restaurants, grocery stores, food service distributers, convenience stores, caterers and others a better way to sell and serve oysters and other seafood. Our high water pressure process is a better way to prepare an oyster. It leaves the whole, delicious, natural product, plumped with it’s own natural brine and completely separated from the shell. Our customers enjoy healthier, cleaner and tastier seafood.

At HPP of Virginia, providing a better oyster, is only part of the story. As an Oyster Company of Virginia partner we’re committed to doing so much more.

HPP of Virginia is working closely with local Chesapeake Bay aqua-culture farming waterman to come up with new methods to accelerate the Bay’s Oyster population. Oysters help preserve and protect the Bay’s ecosystem and environment. By developing a sustainable process to accelerate oyster populations we’re protecting the Bay as well as creating jobs and providing the market a better product … or group of products below …

For those that love the Chesapeake Bay, you can now have your oyster … and eat it too!

Our Products